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1.2.2 is a minor update focussed on bug fixes

  • Updated grid styling for rich content (images etc.) when multiple thumbnails are rendered
  • Added margin below the card generated when a link is placed in a message
  • The additional metadata properties intranet_created_by & intranet_created_by_name are now properly set when saving an eligible component
  • The permission metadata is now preserved when editing a poll or photo item from within the stream
  • The permission metadata is now properly configured when changing the access level of a group
  • Photo's in the sidebar widget are now zoomable.
  • Application links are now clickable after resizing the browser
  • Employee-properties are now stored in fulltext, and searchable

1.2.1 is a minor update focussed on bug fixes

  • Fixed messages displaying wrong author after saving in Kirra
  • Other minor bug fixes

1.2 adds poll messages


  • This update allows users to create poll messages


  • Fixed working hours alignment on profile page in IE11
  • Image in a modal won't exceed the viewport anymore #130352
  • Fixed date margin in event widget #129773
  • Reverted ajax loading url behaviour #100202

1.1.1 - 1.116 minor updates focussed on bug fixes

  • Fixed topbar variables in global dropdown styling
  • Limited time input fields in the icalendar to a maximum of 2 characters
  • Fixed 'Serviceplein' collapsing categories issue
  • Fixed positioning of name below the default gravatar on an event page
  • Fixed non openable participants of an event
  • Fixed touch device click recognition in reactions
  • Icons in the main menu now get the same color as the menu text has.
  • Added a fix for (long) links inside a comment, that could possibly break the layout.
  • Fixed following a link to the current url not reloading the page and search spinner could stay loading.
  • Sorting on last changed or author in the Wiki module in Kirra now works as intended.
  • lots of other minor bug fixes

1.1 adds a lot of new functionality

  • Sort theme overview on default sort order instead of last saved
  • Gave modules_widgets_objects_Change an id field
  • Intranetform can now also use User email address for reply(-to) address and notification of missing email field does not show anymore
  • Wikipage autosave is now cleared when a new page is saved
  • Setting icon for favorites is removed. The star icon is now always used
  • The sender name for notification mails has changed from the name of the original sender to [name sender] (via [domain website]). This string is translatable via the dictionary
  • It is now possible to add reactions to stream messages using unicode emoji
  • Emails sent to the administrators will now by default contain the name and a link to the profile of the user that submitted the form
  • It is now possible to mention users in stream pages and comments
  • The standard fieldset for employees is extended with the field working_hours. For this field a special persistent type modules_employees_util_WorkingHours is introduced
  • It is now possible to add links to a group on the frontend
  • It is not possible to order document alphabetically, by relevance of by date of modification
  • It is now possible to follow colleagues. When you follow a colleague the recent changes widget will also be populated with changes made by followed colleagues
  • It is now possible to add frequently asked questions to a group
  • New stream messages are now automatically added as favorite to their author
  • It is now possible to archive documents. By default, archived documents are not found when searching
  • Stream messages are now sorted in reverse order in Kirra
  • URLs in comments are now rendered as links
  • Existing members are now shown when searching for members to add to a group
  • Favorites can now be viewed in a separate page
  • It is now possible to add an image when creating an agenda item
  • It is now possible for an author to edit a stream message they posted
  • It is now possible for an author to edit a photo message they posted
  • Contents in wiki pages is now autosaved when editing
  • It is now possible for each user to change whether messages will be delivered instantly or whether they will be sent as a digest mail at a later time
  • Wiki pages can now be moved to different groups
  • The original author of a wiki page is now the page admin and is the only user allowed to archive and move a wiki page
  • It is now possible to switch between view modes for documents, cards & lists are supported
  • It is now possible to search on tags, groups & archived pages in the wiki folder
  • Styling the footer of the email notification
  • The 'All favorites' button in the 'Favorites' dropdown now has better styling
  • The notification screen now has a better lay-out with the options vertical aligned in stead of horizontal
  • Removed scroll bar from cards
  • New design implemented for adding links and faq's to a group
  • Fixed wrong closing tag in searchengine template
  • The cards of 'Mijn groepen' now have a more compact lay-out
  • Both <ul> and <ol> lists are now styled on a staticwikipage
  • The search function is now immediately visible in the top bar
  • The breadcrumb has moved to the topbar. On tablet devices, it is positioned below the top bar.
  • Added a '+' icon in the buttons to add documents and creating a new group.
  • Lots of small fixes:
  • Fixed the bug that the logo duplicates when resizing your window.
  • The left sidebar is slightly smaller.
  • The right sidebar is slightly smaller.
  • The main content is slightly bigger. This way we can now use the responsive navigation on screens smaller than 1024 pixels in stead of ~ 1200px.
  • Better alignment of meta information in a card.
  • Default font-size is slightly bigger in _settings.php.
  • Changed icon for 'Recente wijzigingen' widget.
  • Checkboxes are now visible in document forms.
  • Comments are now indented with visual lines for better hierarchy.
  • More compact list view of documents.